YPA Accomplishments


"YPA has educated State Legislators on provider issues."

  • Successfully lobbied Governor, Lt. Governor and legislators for Cost of Living Adjustment increases of over 5 percent within three years.
  • Delivered presentations to legislators and administrators on the challenges providers face with insufficient rates and increased costs of providing services.
  • Influenced positive legislative actions affecting youth and providers.
  • Hosted state candidates at monthly meetings.
  • Participated in interim committee deliberations.
  • Provided valuable resources to legislators and administrators.
  • Organized youth speakers and private providers to present success stories and examples of services at legislative committee hearings.

"YPA has improved communication and developed a partnership with the Department of Human Services and  Juvenile Court."

  1. Organized meetings with individual department directors.
  2. Improved Private Provider relationship with case workers.
  3. Positively impacted operating costs and administrative requirements by implementing joint committees and successfully negotiating on:
  • New rate study to replace the 1990 study currently in use.
  • Implementing consistent rates throughout all departments.
  • Cost of Living increases to apply across the board.
  • Cost of Living increases tied to Western CPI.
  • Reduction in auto liability insurance requirements.
  • Shaping the nature of DCFS training requirements.
  • Defining the concepts of ‘team meetings.'
  • Adjustments to the DJJS RFP process.
  • Improvements to state licensing requirements.
  • Modification of DCFS auditing tools.
  • Specific changes in contract and reporting requirements.