YPA Accomplishments

Legislative Accomplishments  

  • (2014) Secured a combined $1.1M State Appropriation for a Medicaid rate increase to get providers up to parity with the Department of Health Medicaid rates.  Medicaid funding is matched on a 70/30 formula from the federal government. After the federal drawdown, the total appropriation exceeded $3 Million.
  • (2016) A funding increase to address the individual therapy rates in the Medicaid reimbursement system, the appropriation was roughly $2.5M and, among other increases, brought hourly rates for individual therapy from $110 to $140+
  • (2017) Successfully mitigated many potential unintended consequences within HB239 (Juvenile Justice Amendments) as well as delay implementation and ensure active participation and representation on the implementation committee. We pressed for a DJJS Legislative Audit. 
  • (2018) Brought about $18M of additional funding for private providers, as well as a 5% increase for Residential Treatment Centers and proctor care agencies. 

Recent Trainings


  •          Allies for Families; Tracy Johnson
  •          Medicaid Audit Training
  •          Outcome Measures
  •          Systems of Care; Justin Naylor
  •          Legislative Overview and Involvement; Community Solutions Consulting
  •          UFACET
  •          Quality Assurance; James Jones
  •          Outcome Data Collection: Mike Petree
  •          FFTA; Charity Hotton
  •          DSAMH
  •          Youth Move; Shanarra Johnson
  •          Disability Law Center; LauraLee Gillespie
  •          University of Utah Research Team
  •          Gang Affiliation
  •          Normalcy Legislation
  •          Systems of Care (2015); Ruth Wilson
  •          Trauma Informed Care
  •          DCFS Placement Screening; Tanya Albornoz
  •          Affordable Care Act; Chet Loftus
  •          Sex Abuse Services Network; Rick Rawlins
  •          NOJOS; Dave Fowers