Success Stories

Legislative Successes 

March 2017 

HB239 - Juvenile Justice Amendments. This bill passed after 3 substitutes and a giant reduction on the fiscal impact.  Certain members of house leadership didn’t want it to pass because of the risk of a cost-shift and major concerns about the cost of implementation.  However, after representative Snow made some serious concessions, leadership let us know that the bill was going to pass and asked us to get our primary concerns addressed in the process.  We were able to delay the implementation of the bill to ensure that our providers are represented on the implementation committee, as well as Representative Snow’s assurance that we will be much more involved than we have been.  We were also able to ensure that the cost of this legislation would be absorbed within the budget of JJS.  

SB213 - USAAV membership-This is the bill that puts a member of YPA on the USAAV 2 council.  It passed and we are good to go.


March, 2016

Medicaid Expansion - Representative Dunnigan's Medicaid expansion plan, which is literally sucking every available state dollar out of the Social Services Budget. Dunnigan is having to fund it by cobbling together every little bit of money in SS, we have gained a huge amount of favor by the committee this year by offering to focus on policy rather than funding shortfalls  while still maintaining the fact that our members are still behind on many reimbursements.

As part of Dunnigan's bill we have been able to include language on a Medicaid waiver that would exempt not only the expanded population but the current population from the IMD exclusion 16-bed facility limit.  There are about 180,000 Utah kids covered by Medicaid now so if we are granted this waiver our residential facilities for Medicaid-funded kids with Substance Use disorders will no longer be limited to 16 beds.

We have made sure to exempt foster homes etc... from legislation targeted at sober living facilities throughout the state.

We are also keeping a close eye on Sanpei/Hillyard bill applying a formula to the annual Medicaid caseload growth increase for ACOs, looking to possibly include carved out facilities at a later date.