Member Code of Ethics

Our organization has adopted the following Code of Ethic principals for YPA members.

  • YPA members build positive relationships with clients, their guardians, accrediting agencies and employers working alongside our provider network to meet the clinical needs of the community in which we are located.
  • YPA members comply with the laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.
  • YPA members will conduct business with honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • YPA members will not accept a gift, benefit or personal favor that could materially influence the business or clinical judgment of the association.
  • YPA members will not use their membership to influence business or professional transactions with another company/agency in which they hold a position of trust or in which they or an immediate family member has a personal interest.
  • YPA members will deal with all agencies in a direct, open and honest manner.
  • YPA members will respect the scope of practice and autonomy each program brings to the organization.
  • YPA members will practice standard accounting practices to manage the organization account to cover expenses.