About YPA

Benefits of YPA Membership

"The mission of YPA is to represent the interest of its members in regard to policy, legislative and contract issues. We advocate for youth and a cooperative, coordinated system of care for such youth. YPA actively participates in the political and public policy arena in order to meet the above stated objectives."


 YPA’s hard work brought youth private providers 11% higher state rates in the past 5 years. The benefits of membership are worth the small cost to join.

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Free staff training workshops available throughout the year
  • Resources and information available only on the YPA web site
  • Contract and state department updates and announcements 
  • Access to open state bids
  • Networking with other youth private providers
  • Contact with DCFS, DJJS, Licensing, and Juvenile Court directors
  • Participation on state committees